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Protecting artists and their work

Once you put a concept into a tangible form, it automatically gains federal copyright protection. However, formally registering your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office provides substantial advantages when fighting infringement cases. Chipperson Law Group has experience protecting artists’ work through copyright registration and defending authors’ and creators’ copyrights against infringement.

Types of copyrightable art

Essentially any type of art produced in a tangible form can be copyrighted. Chipperson Law Group, P.C. handles copyright issues for artists’ creations in all types of media, including:

  •      Books, stories and poems
  •      Musical compositions
  •      Dramatic works
  •      Screenplays
  •      Periodicals
  •      Maps
  •      Art reproductions
  •      Sculptures
  •     Technical drawings
  •      Photographs
  •      Prints
  •      Movies
  •      Computer programs
  •      Architectural renderings
  •      Compilations

Registering your copyright

Once you have produced a piece of art, you maintain the exclusive right to print, sell, copy, license, distribute and use your work as you see fit. In addition to providing potential financial benefits, copyright protects the integrity of your work by allowing you to direct the manner in which it is used. For work created after 1978, the U.S. Copyright Office grants copyright for the full extent of an author’s or creator’s life plus 50 years. Copyright is recognized by many countries through the Universal Copyright Convention, so your protection extends internationally.

Defending your work against infringement

If another person or company attempts to infringe upon your copyright, we pursue all available legal remedies. Our attorneys first demand that the infringer cease and desist unauthorized actions. We then vehemently pursue damages.

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