Metaurus Advisors’ Patent in the News

Congratulations to our client, Metaurus Advisors, on the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,339,603 for Separately Traded Registered Discount Income and Equity Securities and Systems and Methods for Trading Thereof, which relate to Metaurus’ publicly traded XDIV and IDIV EFTS currently traded via the New York Stock Exchange. This the first of many patents we expect to procure for this innovative and groundbreaking financial company.

Also, see Metaurus Advisors and its newly issued patent featured today in BusinessWire: BusinessWire Article.

The IDIV allows investors to invest in dividends only of the S&P 500 and the XDIV allows investors to invest in equity only of the S&P 500. IDIVs provide: no stock price exposure, potential dividend growth, monthly distributions, customizable cash flow generation for a portfolio, and passive investment with no sector concentration. XDIVs provide: SPY “beta” exposure at a reduced capital investment compared to buying straight index exposure; creates “Structural Alpha” without use of leverage; can achieve greater equity index exposure per dollar invested, compared to a traditional index fund; and passive investment.

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