HCD Awarded U.S. Patent for Applied Neuroscience Mood Mapping

Latest award brings HCD’s approach to ensuring marketability and brand harmony of products and communications. Flemington, NJ – HCD Research announced today the issuance to it by the U.S. Patent Office of a patent that covers a neuroscientific approach to mapping mood and marketability of consumer products and communications. Market research and applied consumer neuroscience […]

Metaurus Advisors’ Patent in the News

Congratulations to our client, Metaurus Advisors, on the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,339,603 for Separately Traded Registered Discount Income and Equity Securities and Systems and Methods for Trading Thereof, which relate to Metaurus’ publicly traded XDIV and IDIV EFTS currently traded via the New York Stock Exchange. This the first of many patents we […]

U.S. Patent 10,278,633 For a Downloadable Computer Program/Application Issued to Corman Attention Technologies

Congratulations to our client, Dr. Cliff Corman, and the rest of the Corman Attention Technologies, LLC team on the procurement of its patent for Systems and Methods for Assisting Diagnosing and/or Titrating Medication for Predetermined Conditions and Assessing the Effectiveness of Medication Prescribed for a Predetermined Condition. This patent covers a computer or mobile application […]

Metaurus Advisors Rings the Closing Bell

What a fantastic experience today attending the ringing of the New York Stock Exchange’s closing bell with our client and friends, Metaurus Advisors. I am beyond grateful to be included in this special event. See the livestream via this link Metaurus Closing Bell. Metaurus Advisors are the creators of the IDIV and XDIV ETFs currently […]

Todiébook Louvre by Todié

Congratulations to our client of many years, Mr. Cristian Todie, for the successful launch of his Kickstarter campaign and his upcoming distribution of the TodieBook at the Louvre Museum. Access the Kickstarter campaign via this link. What is the Todiebook?? The Todiebook is a revolutionary book created by Cristian Todié. This spatial book combines geometry […]

U.S. Patent 10,276,207 Issued to Zaxcom

Look at my new Emmy! Ok, just kidding, I really just helped carry it to the car. Congratulations to Glenn and Howy and the rest of the Zaxcom team on the issuance of its 4th patent for its Emmy and Academy Award Winning Virtual Wireless Multitrack Recording System. This is the 11th patent issued to […]

Scott Boalick appointed Chief Judge for the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced today the appointment of Scott Boalick as Chief Judge for the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Boalick has served as the acting Chief Judge for the PTAB since September 2018. Boalick begins his permanent role today. Jacqueline Bonilla was also named as Deputy Chief Judge […]

USPTO Issues U.S. Patent 10,230,342 Today to Zaxcom, Inc. for Methods for Extending the Dynamic Range of an Analog to Digital Conversion System

U.S. Patent 10,230,342 Issued to Zaxcom Congratulations to Glenn and Howy and the rest of the Zaxcom, Inc. team on the procurement of its 2nd patent for Systems and Methods for Extending the Dynamic Range of an Analog-to-Digital Conversion System. This is the 10th patent issued to Zaxcom in the nearly 15 years it has […]

The Impact of the Government Shutdown on the USPTO

As of now, the USPTO is operating on previously appropriated funds. Although the USPTO is self-funded via its fees, it cannot spend the money it takes in unless those funds have been appropriated. Therefore, when the current appropriated funds are depleted, the USPTO will cut back to minimal operation. It will receive filings but applications will not be examined. […]

A Confidential (Secret) Sale of an Invention Qualifies as Prior Art

On January 22, 2019, the Supreme Court unanimously decided Helsinn Healthcare S.A. v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. et al. holding that “[a] commercial sale to a third party who is required to keep the invention confidential may place the invention ‘on sale’ under §102(a).” The “on sale” provision of the America Invents Act precludes a person from […]