Todiébook Louvre by Todié

Congratulations to our client of many years, Mr. Cristian Todie, for the successful launch of his Kickstarter campaign and his upcoming distribution of the TodieBook at the Louvre Museum. Access the Kickstarter campaign via this link.

What is the Todiebook??

The Todiebook is a revolutionary book created by Cristian Todié. This spatial book combines geometry and visual art. Without a beginning and without an end, it provides the reader with a brand-new experience in the act of reading. The book is initially flat, but by folding the pages along pre-existing creases, the circular form emerges, with images and text evolving around an axis.

This book exists, after the scroll and the codex, as the third book of human kind. Little by little, human potential has been imprisoned in linear writing and Euclidean thought. Times are changing in book history, the codex is slowly being eclipsed by smartphones and tablets. Desperately in need of a new medium to translate our thought into words and images, the Todiebook is an original creation where brain and hands can work together.

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