U.S. Patent 10,276,207 Issued to Zaxcom

Look at my new Emmy! Ok, just kidding, I really just helped carry it to the car.

Congratulations to Glenn and Howy and the rest of the Zaxcom team on the issuance of its 4th patent for its Emmy and Academy Award Winning Virtual Wireless Multitrack Recording System. This is the 11th patent issued to Zaxcom in the nearly 15 years it has been a client of Chipperson Law Group. Keep up the good work!

Zaxcom, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative professional audio equipment for the television and film industries. A pioneer in audio technologies for sound mixing and ENG professionals, Zaxcom engineered the first digital wireless microphone and the first wireless microphone to feature integrated audio recording. For more information, visit Zaxcom at www.zaxcom.com.